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After a short stopover at golf driverange and accidental meeting with my friend in her new car I've spent a hot hot day in the freaking office. That's why I've decided to borrow a cabrio from my friend and make a short trip into the nature around Prague. Equiped with food (pizza) and smokes I've left Prague. Long time since I've seen livestock :) Then a short trip around night Prague without roof and quickly back home to watch Big Bang theory with my room mate :)

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23. 3. 2010 10:18:08
skvělá atmosféra, při pohledu na ty fotky se člověk úplně těší :)
27. 7. 2009 15:00:04

co je spatneho na golfu?   :-)

26. 7. 2009 19:46:12
tento set je docela dobrej, až na to že je tam moc golfu

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