Life on Earth through the eyes of its inhabitans

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don’t have a high quality camera. Will this be a problem?
The quality of the camera does not play a role in this project at all. Every digital camera of today features the minimal resolution we require.

2. May I take photos using my mobile phone?
Yes, if you would like and don't have any other option, you can take photos using a mobile phone.

3. What if the photo is blurry?
If it enhances the atmosphere or feeling it doesn't matter if its blurry. What's most important is what you're trying to express.

4. What is the minimum size for each photo?
The size in KB is not important, but it should have at least 1280 pixels on one side.

5. How can I set my camera to the minimal pixels you mentioned?
If you're not an expert at setting up a digital camera then don't worry about it! Just take the photos however you like. Your contribution to the project is more important than the quality and size of the photos.

6. Do I understand correctly that this should be a typical week of my life? Such as my breakfast, my trip to work, my occupation, hobbies, dinner, etc?
Yes, that's correct; we're looking for a typical week of your life. Your everyday life may include both the expected and the unexpected.

7. Do the photos have to be taken starting Monday and ending Sunday?
No, you can begin the project at any time. But remember, they should be seven consecutive days.

8. Do I have to mention who and what is captured in the photos?
If you don't want to, you don't have to include any information about the people, events, or activities captured in your photography. But if you would like to provide a description, it would aid in giving visitors a better idea about what your life is like.

9. Can someone else photograph me?
The rules of the project state that you must be the author of the photo. And so you must always be the author. If you would like to capture yourself then you can use a tripod and timer. If you don't have a tripod, you can simply put the camera on a desk or tape it to something, but you should always be the one taking the photo.

10. Should I include the relevant date the photo was taken?
This is not required, but if you choose to and your camera has this option enabled, it could be an interesting way to support the authenticity of your work.

11. Do I retain the rights to the photos after I upload them?
You will always be the only rightful owner of your photos.

12. What has to be on the photos?
There isn't a single thing that has to be there. Rather, you should ask yourself what you would like to include. This is your perspective on life. The photos you choose will then represent you, your occupation, city, village, surroundings, your world and your life. It's only up to you what colors and moods you wish to express.

13. What cannot be on the photos?
Anything that is related to your life can be on the photos. There is a clear and serious ban of child pornography, gratuitous violence and the promotion of illegal activities.