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Every morning starts up with my girlfriend's dilemma: "What should I wear?". On my way to the studio I stopped at the "Mandarina Models" agency and then I shoot the catalog for the designer Lena Criveanu. In the evening I attended the opening of the Contemporary Art Gallery "Point" and spent the last of the night home.

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7/8/2024 12:36:44 PM
Great one!
7/5/2024 10:33:14 PM
Výborný week z atrřaktivního prostředí...škoda že neměl následovníka...
2/7/2013 5:58:03 PM
it's nice week ;-)
2/15/2010 11:00:04 PM
Nice week and girlfriend :)
2/13/2010 11:38:56 AM
I really your beautiful set. I wish there would be more sets like this from all over world that really speak about every day life in its ordinary way...
12/22/2009 10:54:19 PM
sunday nice day
9/15/2009 11:17:38 PM
very interesting gallery
7/24/2009 4:15:33 PM
nice photos....

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