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Last week, my mother who lived in Busia in Uganda died. I had to have her body get there and prepare everything for her funeral. I am exhausted both physically and financially.

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23. 3. 2010 18:25:56
This is really interesting week, thank you, Mr. doctor. Please, take my sympathy and sorrow with your mother...
7. 2. 2010 4:44:35
Thank you, this is real hard life!
2. 2. 2010 23:54:22
I am glad I saw your set.... thanks a lot!
29. 1. 2010 23:07:21

I have a pleasure to welcome doctor Martin from Nairobi in our family Week of Life. I am pleased to see the first set from Africa and I would like to say that in this case the creative aspect of the photographs is not on the first place. I am glad to see that even if his life is not easy and is devoted to his patients affected by AIDS, he found a while and felt like to take photos of his week. Thank you, Adolf Zika and his team Week of Life.

29. 1. 2010 0:01:48
I'm sorry for your mother.
28. 1. 2010 21:34:11
Je mi ctí přivítat na WOL pana doktora Martina z Nairobi. Děkuji mnu touto cestou za první set z Afriky a rád bych na tomto místě řekl, že zde jde stranou veškeré výtvarno a případná fotografická exhibice a snad ani není vhodné hodnotit tyto pohledy. Jsem moc rád, že při starostech jaké mu život v Nairobi a práce s nemocnými AIDS přináší, si vůbec našel čas a náladu na vytvoření tohoto týdenního dokumentu. Děkuji. Adolf Zika a celý tým WOL
28. 1. 2010 15:41:42
It must be difficult to face the everyday suffering of your patients. You are like an angel who is there to help people who don´t have a choice to live a better life and that´s the best thing a person can do.

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