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9. 2. 2012 7:49:43
it is great to see another country here, especially something like Israel. Here is the power of WoL...and I love it as well as watching your week
8. 2. 2012 22:57:53
Nice, I look forward to see more your nice week about your life and country.
8. 2. 2012 9:13:19
nothing is too far!:) we live in totally different places, our lives seem to be similar, though:) great how this amazing project gets people together.
8. 2. 2012 8:49:02
Everywhere people live. This is a surprise. :-) The week is excellent. I like Tuesday's nine, and Jack Daniels is my favorite drink. Play Guitar too.
7. 2. 2012 22:47:56
Very nice document.
7. 2. 2012 17:51:46
Good one! I look forward to seeing more your weeks.
7. 2. 2012 12:28:52
Diego, have a nice young man, I like to look into your life. Hello!
7. 2. 2012 12:23:40
Interesting week! It is a pity there is an absence of descriptions for the days. Hopefully next time:-) But other thing came to my mind, regardless of couple of photos (palms, signs on the bus stop atc.)it is interesting, how our lives are alike - classrooms, computers, bus interiors, even some streets I wouldn´t expect to be so far from our country. Hopefully this is not your last week and we would be able to discover more from your life.
7. 2. 2012 12:10:55
Tento týden není plný skvělých fotografií tak jak jsme zvyklí u spousty autorů, ale přináší důležitou výpoveď o běžném životě v další ( již 43 )zemi. Většina z nás si totiž pod pojmem Izrael představíme úplně něco jiného.
7. 2. 2012 12:08:57
Welcome to the Week of Life project!
7. 2. 2012 8:50:32
Diago, Welcome to the Week of Life project and thank you for letting us peak into the world of Izrael through your eyes. We look forward to seeing more from you or your friends.

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