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1/8/2010 3:14:43 PM
thanks... and, btw, yes that is my life, having a dinner party with friends. i know it looks a bit over the top, but i can't ask them to move the dinner party to the basement if they live on the 57th floor... and that is the view you get there... and that girl with the lasagna is not a prty girl, but a dentist, etc, etc... and on the way i stopped to photograph the test projection on the (admittedly rather large, some 300 square meters) wall of a new frank gehry designed building for the new world symphony (which maybe at the opening next year should play dvorak's new world symphony? :-) )
1/8/2010 3:06:14 PM
Nice photos and tuesday mainly
1/8/2010 12:56:09 PM
you are absolutely right, i agree it is not week-of-life format, so i apologize for that ... on the other hand - this IS my daily life... i photograph in my own (crazy?) style, as part of a one-year project based on the idea of 9 photos a day. and i decided that it would be very boring to photograph my coffee machine 365 days a year... but, again, generally you are right and i accept the criticism.
1/8/2010 9:39:18 AM
Your photos are amazing but I have to agree with Zdenda that we don´t see much from your own life.
1/8/2010 9:21:49 AM

the photos are very nice, a different world. but they don't really show your days from morning to evening. i would like to see more of your normal life. this is not really what i expect from weeks of life. 

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next dayright arrow Christmas / New Year in Miami - 25. 12. 2009