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1-breakfast 2-cigarette break at work 3-we had a visitor in the warehouse, too bad he only stayed for a day 4-flower shopping 5-I happen to have an unhealthy obsession with the sky 6-sunset by the sea 7-Galata bridge opened for maintenance 8-souvenir shop in sultanahmet 9-waterpipe(nargileh)

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22. 11. 2014 11:21:34
Hi, very interesting week, many things which are important for your life. Take care and have a good day.
21. 11. 2010 20:33:04
hi, nice city :)
19. 1. 2010 22:52:57
Exciting and vibrant photos ...!!! PEtr
25. 11. 2009 13:39:09
Çok teşekkür ederim Nazlı. Hi Adolf its great to be a part of the project and thanks for the warm welcome!
25. 11. 2009 11:15:39
Hi, I am really glad to see firs set from Turkey on our web site! Thank you! Adolf Zika - founder of WOL
24. 11. 2009 15:44:24
güzel albüm:)

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