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big boat has arrived to samoa, we are waiting for transportation from our client's office with amazing Pacific ocean front view. Going home by taxi and watching rain with my son. skies after the rain.

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7. 9. 2010 11:06:24
Интересный уголок мира...)...удачных снимков
10. 2. 2010 7:25:52
19. 1. 2010 22:51:48
Exciting and vibrant photos ...!!! PEtr
29. 11. 2009 15:31:49
Hello, I am very excited about this set! At this very moment the whole idea behind this project begins to be fulfilled. At the beginning I hardly imagined that I would see life in such remote places of the planet as SAMOA! Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to seeing even more people from this beautiful island. Adolf Zika(founder of WOL)
28. 11. 2009 18:10:41
beautiful week! thank you

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