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In the morning I had a short meeting with a photographer from London, he had so much energy. Then I went alone to a nearby shopping center to have lunch, and I waited there about a half an hour for my wife. What I noticed could be termed that “people are tired”. In the context of the morning visit it was a bit of a contrast. In the early evening I improved my mood. In Adria hotel I finally met and made a portrait of director Milos Forman. In the evening I drove with my wife for dinner and realized that we have nothing packed for our morning trip to New York.

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20. 11. 2010 13:20:59
Tati, týden výbornej ale tu první fotku si tam opravdu dávat nemusel! :D
28. 2. 2010 23:37:42
Jsem z projektu nadšená! Žasnu! :-)
10. 2. 2010 13:15:09
Projekt je super. Díky za něj. Fajn snímky
5. 2. 2010 17:26:30
Hodně zajímavé, každá chvíle v každém dnu je nabitá pozitivní energií....
29. 10. 2009 13:50:24
Thank you Miguel. Best regards from New York City :-} Adolf
28. 10. 2009 15:47:40
Hi Adolf, very nice project!! Miguel Apolinário

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