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I had a vacation in Okinawa islands. There are many islands in Okinawa and I and my husband met here some years ago. I recommend these islands for everyone! The atmosphere is so nice and you can relax. I stayed in Taketomi island on first day. The streets are covered with coral sand and houses are nice and old.

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28. 5. 2018 22:02:07
this is so Exotic for me from small village:) lovely place
15. 5. 2018 15:24:44
Thank you so much to see my week! Okinawa is so nice place and I hope these islands keep beautiful in the future. Please come to Okinawa!
15. 5. 2018 12:08:58
Nice :)
15. 5. 2018 9:10:03
Really nice week. Amazing shots for me from exotic place and it looks like great spend time. Congratulation.
14. 5. 2018 21:58:48
Great week ... Okinawa is very beautiful ... islands is 113 ... which will be next?
14. 5. 2018 12:17:00
Very nice week, gorgeous photos...
14. 5. 2018 9:39:27
Very, very nice week. The nature is beautiful! I like the Sundays 7th photo :-) Many greetings to Japan.

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