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My friend visited in Himeji. Himeji castle is the symbol of my town and recently many tourists come over to visit because it has repaired. The castle has a nickname, the egret castle. People visit here before the castle change to the black one.

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11. 8. 2016 16:37:57
Dobry den! Thank you for massages!! I'm glad for this editor's choice!! And I'm so happy you get interested in Nara and Japanese life. I like my house with a lot of Czech things around me. :-)
9. 8. 2016 18:22:52
Hello Junko =) Nice week! It is nice for me to see how you live in your coutry. Many greetings from Czech republic and congra for editor´s choice!
9. 8. 2016 16:34:43
Congratulations for editors choice! :-)
8. 8. 2016 12:29:55
I love it! Thank you for sharing...
8. 8. 2016 10:05:39
Very nice trip to Nara, Junko :) All this week is fine!But I like the most seventh Friday picture.
8. 8. 2016 8:11:29
7. 8. 2016 9:36:40
Hello Junko. This is very nice week. I like to see haw You live. Nara is beautiful.

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