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Nice Czech breakfast before the trip to the airport, Last minute packing, Arrival in Vienna Airport after 3 hours in car, Waiting for the plane to Amsterdam, Waiting in Amsterdam for the plane to Cancun, 11 hours flight to Cancun Mexico (down there you can see Bahamas), Checking in to the hotel in Play de Carmen in Mexico, View from the room and them long tired sleep!

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22. 8. 2010 15:58:59
Beautiful place and beautiful WOL :)
2. 7. 2010 19:09:01
Toš ogare - good work!
2. 7. 2010 18:34:04
Tak nevim, jestli psat cesky nebo anglicky :o). Moc se mi to líbí... I like it very much :o))
2. 7. 2010 17:02:01
Thank you very much for your lovely comments. Dekuji vam za vase pekne zpravy. Last week was all about travelling to Belize where I live at the moment. Next week I will try to show you what i do down here.
2. 7. 2010 14:52:39
2nd photo on Wednesday... seems like paradise!
2. 7. 2010 9:59:06
Very nice. I like especially Wednesday and Thursday.
2. 7. 2010 9:27:26
Nice set. Zdraví LB
2. 7. 2010 9:19:42
nice week!
2. 7. 2010 8:54:59
Ahoj Karle, je mi obrovskou ctí, že z focení svatby na Valašsku odkud pocházíš a cesta života tě spolu s Nikol zavedla až do Belize. Když jsem se to dozvěděl, musel jsi si vyslechnout v době příprav mé povídání o WOL. A ty jsi se do toho dal! Moc děkuji za tento krásný týden a věř, že pro projekt je obrovským přínosem!!!
2. 7. 2010 8:04:50
Wow, I want to be there as soon as possible! Nice week! Thank you. A
1. 7. 2010 11:58:51
Love your photos! Great angles and a real insight into your life on the other side of the world!!

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