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Editor`s Choice

autumn week
One's attention is captured at the very first glance by Federico Ciamei's set due to its unusual atmosphere. His photographs seem to be hidden in a misty haze, giving the feeling that you are looking at photos that are several decades old. As the very first person in the Week of Life family, Federico captured his week on ordinary photographic film! Contributing and preserving the magic of non-digital photography at the very same time--an excellent idea!
Jak to vidí flexareta II - nikdy více
The first attempt of Milan Novák to document a week with a Flexaret camera was not entirely successful and proved to be a rather tough task. However, thanks to a positive response and all the encouraging comments of other WoL members, he finally managed to pull off this 7-day challenge side by side with this historical device. And even though the name of the week suggests this was a onetime event, we still see it as a valuable and enriching Flexaret experience. And for those of you who are not entirely sure what a Flexaret is – it’s a twin-lens reflex camera with an aluminum body, one of the most fascinating photographic devices manufactured in the Czech Republic.
My Week
Against weeks blazing with colors, black and white photographs have to make much more effort to catch one’s eye. Due to this they can go unnoticed. But that’s not the case of this set. Vladimir Yurkovic’s photographs are spontaneous and capture his life absolutely naturally, and yet each and every one of them is exceptional and shows that the author has a sense of detail and art, and also a great eye. While capturing his life, the author focused his attention on the persons that are very close to him and with every day he demonstrates how much he loves his family. He devotes a lot of attention to parts of the human body and touch, as if suggesting how important interpersonal contact is.