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Taking Pictures of Landscapes - Snowscenes 1

Taking Pictures of Landscapes - Snowscenes 1

Using White Balance Compensation
Sometimes when you take a picture of snowy scenes, the resulting picture does not really express the cold feel of the snow. A picture where the snow looks not truly white but rather appears in sightly blue hues can enhance the feel of intense cold. Adjust the White Balance to get the impression of freezing cold.

Using WB Compensation to Express Intense Cold 
With camera models that feature the [ (White Balance Compensation)] function, you can adjust it towards BLUE to strengthen the blue tones in the picture. Even with models that do not include [ White Balance Compensation ], as long as you can change the [], you can get the same effect by using the [ (Tungsten Light)] setting.
Usually, the purpose of the White Balance function is to get the correct colors in a picture. But sometimes it is better to emphasize some colors in order to get a certain look or expression. Pictures of snowy scenes will have a richer atmosphere if you bring out the blue tones by adjusting the [ (White Balance Compensation)] towards BLUE. Not all camera models feature the [ ] function.

Compare the effects of small adjustments using


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