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This is the week of our 8th times to the Czech Republic! We are an Japanese couple is hooked on the Czech Republic so much. We had a great week and lovely meeting people in Moravia and south Bohemia. First day, I arrived at Vienna and went to Prsanky for visiting a vinohrady. We wanted to see the folklore, and luckily could meet some people waring them but it was too late to get there though. They were so pretty and the festival was wonderful!! I really thought I could have arrived one night before. People in Prsanky were friendly and good for us, so we enjoyed so much with wine. Czech VINO is so dangerous for me. I thank so much for people there, but I'm really sorry I don't remember the half of the memory of there. I've drunk too much wine. This is my first time I lost my memory... it was quite wonderful time, I believe so. Maybe my husband knows everything.

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26. 10. 2016 7:09:43
Dobry den Zdenek, Katerina, Lenka and Zdenek! Thank you for your comments. I'm also happy I can show my week in your country again. I don't have a skill of photo, but I enjoy taking photos in the Czech Republic. Thre are many places I'm interested in, Olomouc, Karlovy Vary, Cesky raj and small towns and villages... so I want to came back again and again. :-)
25. 10. 2016 22:26:40
This week is very nice. So many familiar faces and places and much praise our small country. WoL is an amazing project that connects people regardless of nationality ... so much I enjoy it all to watch and be a part of. Junko thanks to you and Tetsuya, you're also part of this and that you love us. Sorry for bad English.
25. 10. 2016 18:29:26
This is very nice week, Junko. I think it was wonderful holiday for You and I am happy for the time with You. Our country can be proud that You go here back again and again.
25. 10. 2016 14:24:01
I agree that the South Moravia is beautiful country and our folk costumes are the prettiest, I think. It's really action week from Czech republic. Shame that hangover. :) But I believe that you had a great times here. Sends greetings to Japan!
25. 10. 2016 9:13:34
Super :-) Zdravíme do Japonska!

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