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14. 6.Luni


15. 6.Marţi


16. 6.Miercuri


17. 6.Joi


18. 6.Vineri


19. 6.Sâmbătă


20. 6.Duminică

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Friday was a shorter day at the office, had the time to go for a walk with Baby A. and we saw crashed car.

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29. 7. 2010 12:21:37
Kiva nähdä muitakin suomalaisia täällä. :)
27. 6. 2010 11:07:42
Your baby and job are your interest. Is it true? Your set is pregnant.
25. 6. 2010 9:41:11
We welcome Hellsinki! We are glad that the number of our international members is increasing. With more and more people from around the world joining the project, we have the opportunity to experience different corners of the world. Very nice set from Finland!
25. 6. 2010 9:39:12
a very nice week from a country that is very close to my heart! Thanky you for reminding me of Helsinki.
25. 6. 2010 9:24:47
Wow, next set from Finland! May I ask you how you learned about to project? Thank you. Adolf Zika

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