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29. 12.Neděle


30. 12.Pondělí


31. 12.Úterý


1. 1.Středa


2. 1.Čtvrtek


3. 1.Pátek


4. 1.Sobota

Set tohoto uživatele obsahuje popis dne v jiném jazyce, než je jazyk stránky, kterou teď používáš.
The New Year holiday started and then I would leave home to my parents house in Nagano the next day. My town, Himeji doesn't have snow yet, but there are a lot of snow in Nagano. I hoped so.

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15. 1. 2014 16:52:06
Winter in Nagano is a nice addition to the project. What a start to the year 2014!
15. 1. 2014 12:59:41
Very nice pictures!!! I saw document about the monkeys in hot spring, it was very interesting.
15. 1. 2014 11:50:46
I like most of your pictures Monday nr 4 and Friday nr 8 and 9 :)
15. 1. 2014 11:35:59
Thank you for visiting my new week, Lenka, Zdenek and Dalibor! I like Sunday's cats so much, too. They seemed so relaxing. After for a while, more cats came there. Maybe there was their meeting place.
15. 1. 2014 10:40:50
Sunday cats are funny :-). I wouldn't say that it will be more snow in your country than here in Slovakia, but it is a reality this year, so I can at least see snow in your nice week :-)
15. 1. 2014 9:21:34
Perfect Week!!!
13. 1. 2014 9:46:05
Cats in Sunday :-) There is a warm winter in the Czech republic, sakura trees are blooming in České Budějovice. The winter in Nagano is beautiful. Good week!

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