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12. 12.Čtvrtek


13. 12.Pátek


14. 12.Sobota


15. 12.Neděle


16. 12.Pondělí


17. 12.Úterý


18. 12.Středa

Set tohoto uživatele obsahuje popis dne v jiném jazyce, než je jazyk stránky, kterou teď používáš.
There are still castles or ruins in Japan. I went to one of a ruins of a castle in my Prefecture. The stone wall remains only, but the atmosphere is special. The year-end party with my friends was held in Osaka. There are nice and crazy drank people in Japan, too!

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21. 1. 2014 11:27:34
This week is full of lights! I like Thursday's 6 and 7 - chihuahua's style:D I'm interested in ''capsule hotel'', someday I must try it:P And Tuesday is really nice.
16. 1. 2014 18:34:18
I thing there are not so much difference. People meet together before the end of the year and celebrate. They celebrate Christmas or the New year or another feast or holiday or people visit memorials, churches and they contemplate. I like to compare it.
15. 1. 2014 11:32:38
Thank you for seeing my week. Can you find something different from yours in this week? Or you can find the same things? I'm very glad if you enjoy these pictures!
13. 1. 2014 10:09:04
13. 1. 2014 9:39:21
Hello Junko. Great! Thank You for posting new week from Japan. It is always very interesting for me. Maybe artists like Květa Pacovská are better known abroad than in the Czech Republic. But I am happy You can see work of Czech artists in Japan. Say Hello to Tetsuya. Ahoj Lenka

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