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7. 10.Pondělí


8. 10.Úterý


9. 10.Středa


10. 10.Čtvrtek


11. 10.Pátek


12. 10.Sobota


13. 10.Neděle

Set tohoto uživatele obsahuje popis dne v jiném jazyce, než je jazyk stránky, kterou teď používáš.
This is the trip for my 6th times in the Czech Republic. We Japanese couple got hooked on the Czech Republic.

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10. 11. 2013 11:25:20
Děkuji moc se podívat na mé fotografie. I really love to visit in the Czech Republic, because there are a lot of attractive things for me. And I'm glad to meet many people in this site!
5. 11. 2013 11:34:14
This was the great week for you and for us (WoL) :-) ! I am glad you like our mole.
5. 11. 2013 11:09:42
Konnichiwa:) I was curious (after I saw Lenka's week with you) if you make own week of life:) So I glad to see, that you like CZ (but wine is better than beer!:P). It's funny - saturday's living statues and street with tram - I took quite similiar photos as you did, when I was in Prague:D
4. 11. 2013 20:00:31
Junko, it´s so interesting to see Czech Republik and WOL friends true your eyes.Really nice week! I´am looking forward to see one from Japan :)
4. 11. 2013 19:13:24
That was amazing :) It´s so cute, that you like our beer and Večerníček :D I didn´t know, that Lenka is your friend. It had to be great meeting. :)
4. 11. 2013 17:38:05
Nice to see you are enjoying Czech republic!!!!! =) Looking forward to see your week from Japan!!!! =)
1. 11. 2013 21:15:58
Junko great week!!!:)It's unusual look for me at well known places:) Well done:)
1. 11. 2013 11:30:10
Welcome to WoL !Nice week! I Love Japan http://www.weekoflife.com/cz/week/518/japonsko-2003.aspx
31. 10. 2013 7:48:47
Well done. I'm looking forward to the Japanese week. :-)
31. 10. 2013 2:27:10
Dobry den, Lenka, pan Josef and pan Zdenek. Thank you for your comment and looking at my week. I'm so glad you enjoy my pictures! I'm taking new photos now for another week in Japan.
30. 10. 2013 9:33:38
Hello Junko! I am so happy I persuaded to publish your photos from Your trip to the Czech Republic. It is amazing to see our country, our town, our home through the eyes of Japanese. I am surprised that it is not that much different though we are from different cultures. Thank You for it!
28. 10. 2013 19:53:21
Go on, my friend, a lot of me you care
28. 10. 2013 19:27:35
This is too big parade. Both the content and linking of stories across continents. I enjoy very much when I see Japanese toilet week, which I also visited a year ago. I enjoy very much when I see how someone like Czech Republic, especially now after the election. That someone tasty Czech beer is not so surprising. :-) Select locations and society shows your good taste. Thank you for this extraordinary experience and sorry for my miserable English.

následující denright arrow My week in Czech Republic - 7. 10. 2013