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19. 11.Čtvrtek


20. 11.Pátek


21. 11.Sobota


22. 11.Neděle


23. 11.Pondělí


24. 11.Úterý


25. 11.Středa

Set tohoto uživatele obsahuje popis dne v jiném jazyce, než je jazyk stránky, kterou teď používáš.
I went to see the client and took some photos on my way: Samoan church and local homeless person, sitting near Central Bank buikding. Then I did some vegetable shopping and drove my son in the pram to his grandparents' house, where he met our Cookie-the-cat.

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7. 9. 2010 11:06:24
Интересный уголок мира...)...удачных снимков
10. 2. 2010 7:25:52
19. 1. 2010 22:51:48
Exciting and vibrant photos ...!!! PEtr
29. 11. 2009 15:31:49
Hello, I am very excited about this set! At this very moment the whole idea behind this project begins to be fulfilled. At the beginning I hardly imagined that I would see life in such remote places of the planet as SAMOA! Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to seeing even more people from this beautiful island. Adolf Zika(founder of WOL)
28. 11. 2009 18:10:41
beautiful week! thank you

left arrowpředchozí dennásledující denright arrow a week in tropics - 24. 11. 2009