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31. 7.Čtvrtek


1. 8.Pátek


2. 8.Sobota


3. 8.Neděle


4. 8.Pondělí


5. 8.Úterý


6. 8.Středa

Set tohoto uživatele obsahuje popis dne v jiném jazyce, než je jazyk stránky, kterou teď používáš.
There is a Buddhist altar in my aunts' house. It's not for Buddha but for my ansectors of my mother side. I sit down in front of it and pray for them every morning. There are some items for the altar, one of them is Rin, singing bowl. The sound is sacred. I came to Tokyo for this day, and I went to my favorite stage with my friend.

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18. 8. 2014 10:02:05
Hello Junko. Thank You for pictures from Tokyo. Very interesting and so different from our lifes :-)
14. 8. 2014 15:56:15
Thanks for your messages, Jan, Martina and Jana. Tokyo must be very busy and crowded, so I had felt tired when I lived there. But now I figure out that I really liked there after I left there. I can have a fun time every time when I go hometown. :-)
14. 8. 2014 14:59:29
Very interesting week again:)Nice holiday:)
14. 8. 2014 14:24:43
Hi, Junko! Fun time always passes so fast...It´s true what applies everytime and everywhere especially when you are on holiday...but the good thing is that memories remain in your mind :-) Nice week!
14. 8. 2014 12:39:20
Great holiday Junko..interesting week again:)..love all the shadows and silhouetts

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