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Set tohoto uživatele obsahuje popis dne v jiném jazyce, než je jazyk stránky, kterou teď používáš.
I went to Canada to meet my friends who I had not met them for several years. I had been to Canada for about one year before. My husband and I visited some areas in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in Atlantic Canada by rent-a-car. It was still cold and chilly, I saw some snow and ice there. They have a long winter this year.

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5. 6. 2014 14:52:09
Hello Junko. It was probably a nice trip to Canada. Beautifull nature. Monday 4 - this is funny photo :-) Thanks for posting this week.
3. 6. 2014 17:31:09
Dear Junko, you don´t have to envy canadian T-shirt what your husband has :-)If you send me your address in Japan, I can send you some T-shirt with Czech Republic or Prague motive. You find my e-mail address on my profile :)
27. 5. 2014 16:51:57
Dobry den, Martina. Dekuji your massage. I'm so glad you enjoy them and if you become interested in Canada. Because Canada is one of my favorite countries. :-) About Canadian T-shirt, actually I envy my husband and I wanted one too! I will get one someday, and also I want T-shirt with Czech Republic next time!
24. 5. 2014 21:22:18
Hi, Junko, I send greetings from Prague :) Your trip to Canada was very interesting for me, because I have never been to American continent and it´s really another kind of life style at the "end" of Canada. I like your pics from Wednesday because of a beautiful nature and trails. The sixth photo on Saturday made me laugh - Canadian men in canadian t-shirts :-) It´s real patriotism :-) So I have to wear a t-shirt with a sign I love Prague in the same case! I´m looking forward to your next weeks from Japan. Have a nice weekend!

následující denright arrow Oh, Canada! - 28. 4. 2014