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Energy tea with mate into the working day... And working... In the afternoon when we went for lunch to Spicebox in Karolina, I have got this cake for free because I have offered myself that I will take a photo of that cake while they were trying to take a photo :D But I didn't have a camera... For lunch I took tacos and it was good :)... I brought to work swiss chocolate to taste which was discounted from 60,- to 11,- :D... Muciq greets me from the floor when I came back from work :D... And Zdenička with a cake which she made :)... At night I'm playing in T2 on first spanish party of this semester and the club was full! :)... Also my buddies came :)...

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15. 2. 2016 22:14:54
Ve velmi pěkně nafoceném a sladěném týdnu se mi nejvíce líbí krásná masopustní sobota. A ten tradiční festival jídel :-)
11. 2. 2016 22:35:54
Chichichi :)) Já su prostě gurmán a mám ráda jídlo, pití a pohodové lidi. :) A taky Muciqa, žejo. :)))
11. 2. 2016 20:42:09
...přestaň s těma dobrotama, to se nedá vydržet...:-)
11. 2. 2016 7:58:22
Romi, já toho tvojho Muciqa "žeriem" ;-)
krásny week :-)
10. 2. 2016 21:22:45
Ze ti grafici maji vzdy tak zajimave ladene tydny:)...libi
10. 2. 2016 16:22:45
A už mám zase hlad … máš tady celkem 25 fotek na kterých je jídlo nebo pití … to se nedá vydržet, jdu do ledničky :-) …

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