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Last working day of this week starts so I must get enough energy to cold weather outside... Outside is really cold so I'm happy when I arrive to the office :)... Sirloin in cream sauce for lunch but this one wasn't so good, it was missing cream... After work visiting Zdenička and drinking latte and Honza took me by car to way back but kicked me out during the way :D Because he went to the dorms. And at home I noticed that I forgot my phone in the car so on internet I'm watching how Honza is coming back to home :D... In the evening I'm meeting Petr Staníček, an active member of ESN who is all the time travelling and working but sometimes he also comes back to Ostrava :) It's him with whom I should go to Krakow as an organizer if you remember but I didn't go in the end because I had to go to hometown because of grandma... After coming back to home, kiss for kitty and good night :)

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25. 1. 2016 7:29:12
Zase super práce .... a kachny jedou :-)
24. 1. 2016 22:54:08
Glenfiddich je moje nejoblíbenější, ale za ty prachy bych si raději koupil objektiv. Zůstanu u dvanáctileté nebo si vsadím, abych mohl vyhrát jako Zdeněk :-)
24. 1. 2016 22:34:36
Čtyřicetiletá Glenfiddich … tyjo … to je nářez … tak jo, až vyhraju v tý sportce … jinak jsem tady samozřejmě dostal hlad … a držím palce v kačenkové soutěži …
24. 1. 2016 10:31:58
So samé žrádýlko, mňam. ..a neděle taky! A středa se mi líbí. Asi si jdu dát něco k jídlu ;)
20. 1. 2016 14:26:39
Romanix goes to hollywood :-)

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