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aprílový double špeciál/we/ek
The month of April is known for its April fool’s day and unsteady weather conditions. That is why we welcomed Mr. Il Em’s idea with open hands, who portrayed his week of life in the form of 2 in 1 using double exposure. In the past, we have labeled Mr. Il Elm as ‘Mister Mysterious’ and we are glad he kept to his style that characterizes him in so many ways. This time, he presented us with a double dose of his life, leaving us with the usual margin open for our own imagination.
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Ostrava všední aneb tam a zase zpátky
The surroundings we live in play a vital role in our lives and help to create our identity. That could be one of the reasons why Mr. Jan H decided to capture the atmoshpere of Ostrava in his week, the city he wakes up in and says goodnite. He has showed it to us in the way most of us can imagine. Dark, full of smoke, with a polluted environment due to high concentration of heavy industry. Despite a little depressing touch, it has been a great place of interest for many Czech artists and athletes for quite some time now.
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